Last Survey Day


Today was our last Friday surveying in the field with Grant. It started fairly normally where for the morning we had our breakfast at around 7:30 and waited on the porch or in the cafeteria for Susan, John and grant to tell us what we were going to be doing for the day. This time we had Justin Lund to accompany us on our survey.

We loaded up into the white and the red vans with Matt Jones giving the white van a surprise by riding  with us today and participating in the practice of sharing our dreams from the night before, started by Monyssha. Along the way to our site we were listening the radio and looking out into the fields. Matt J. mentioned that he was looking for a house that had an old buggy out in the front that he might like to buy.

After getting to the site, unlocking the gate and stopping along the dusty road that goes through the property, we formed up into our survey line. As usual, we had difficulty keeping the line straight but we covered a lot of ground on the property. We reached one of the property lines and then swiveled around and walked back towards the vans. We noticed a mound on a ridge that we would come back to after lunch.

For lunch we drove up to an open garage that the property owners graciously allowed us to use. After having some sandwiches for lunch (and getting chased by bees!) we packed up and went back down to the road. At the road we lined up in a survey line again and walked until we came to a ridge on the property. We started noticing pottery sherds and debitage everywhere. We were calling out finds until Grant told us to start marking diagnostic artifacts like pottery with paint still on it in recognizable patterns.

Grant decided that we had found a site based on the artifact density as well as the presence of a mound with sandstone chunks in linear patterns on the top of the ridge. We were then divided into groups that were to designate the site boundary. After placing all of our flags (and having to move them many times) we began to map the site with both hand-drawn maps and a trimble GPS. My group, after setting up the site boundary also filled out the site forms.

After discovering a new site, our group lined up in survey formation and walked back to the vans where Grant noticed another mound that the group also began marking with flags. We talked a bit at the end especially because it was our last survey day and then loaded up into the vans and headed back to Crow Canyon.

  • Matthew Bestard

Author: Crow Canyon College Field School

Mission The mission of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center is to advance and share knowledge of the human experience through archaeological research, education programs, and partnerships with American Indians.

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