It’s What You Learn

Today was an extremely enlightening day! For our first excavation day of the fourth week into field school there were quite a few discoveries. To start, our day began with much needed discussions led by Dr. Ryan and Justin Lund, our current Native American Scholar in Residence. These discussions are crucial in the understanding of Native American perspective and to develop archaeological thought that is both ethical and scientifically sound. After talking about things such as censorship, collaboration, and perspective we began a fortuitous day of digging!

The morning was windy and cold, and those of us on the west side of the house (the shady spot) found our luxurious holes unexpectedly cold and the temperature set a precedent for the rest of the day of peculiarities. Normally the ‘A Team’ sings the one lyric we know of any given song on repeat but today was not a typical day. The first two finds came in at the same time, a honking piece of jet and an amazingly painted piece of ceramic.



This got us on a roll as we quickly found a bone game piece and several projectile points (not pictured here).


But the discoveries did not end there, in our arbitrary unit, so named because it was supposed to be in the midden (trash), we discovered an unexpected portion of a wall. Only tomorrow can tell what we will find, but with a phrase Dr. Ryan likes to repeatedly oppress our excitement with, “It’s not what you find, it’s what you learn.” Jokes aside, finding all of these things really expands what we know about this site and only builds on everything that we’re doing here!




Author: Crow Canyon College Field School

Mission The mission of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center is to advance and share knowledge of the human experience through archaeological research, education programs, and partnerships with American Indians.

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