Archaeological Field School Day 3

Hello! My name is Daniel and I am very excited to be part of the 2017 Archaeological Field School. On Tuesday, May 23, 2017, we head out to the Shields Pueblo Site to conduct a pedestrian survey. As a person who has no experience in surveying, I thought this was a piece of cake. However, I quickly learned that I was wrong. The field school team learned how to pace, read a compass, and create a map.  Afterward, we were put into teams to map the Shields Site. It took a long time but after walking countless of steps and many corrections my team made a fantastic map.

After the survey, our team heads out to Sand Canyon to tour the site. Grant, one of the fellow archaeologists at Crow Canyon along with Susan and Jon explained the characteristics of the site such as the great kivas, enclosing walls, and the natural spring.

In the evening, Susan and the team discussed archaeological ethics and laws ranging from the Antiquities Act to the Kennewick Man. We had an interesting conversation on what ethical archaeologists should do and hopefully we can spread those ideas to other people. So far the field school is going great so stay tuned for tomorrow as we go to the Northern Chaco Outliers site to start mapping and excavation.

– Daniel Yun



Author: Crow Canyon College Field School

Mission The mission of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center is to advance and share knowledge of the human experience through archaeological research, education programs, and partnerships with American Indians.

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